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Neighbors Fight To Keep Upscale Restaurant Away From Katy Trail

October 25, 2015 

A group of Dallas neighbors are fighting to keep a proposed upscale restaurant and bar away from the Katy Trail and away their homes.

Other neighbors have expressed concerns about additional late night street parking in their neighborhood.

Neighbor Eric Bing said his main concern is crime.

“We already have a large cluster of bars here,” he said. “This would be the forth bar here, and we know bar clusters are associated with crime.”


Neighbors near Katy Trail rally against proposed restaurant and bar

October 23, 2015

The Katy Trail_editedA new restaurant and bar that’s planned along Dallas’ popular walking and cycling path claims it will be “the Kingdom on the Katy Trail,” an upscale scene of gourmet food, fine wine and a sommelier.

But residents who live in nearby townhomes, houses and condos aren’t buying the story from the owners of the “Royal 38.” They say the restaurant would serve little more than finger-food and would bring a late-night, outdoor bar to their backyard. And they are organizing to stop it from opening.


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